Need help understanding/creating Selection Forms

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Need help understanding/creating Selection Forms

PostPosted by zigguratbuilder » Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:03 am

Hi all: I saw the sample/default "med" Selection Form Example, and I really like this functionality. I want to create something similar.

I'm trying to edit the "med" selection form example in order to understand it more, and how it creates/stores variables in the fdb file.

Starting with the example text of "med":
%INPUT_Name% is a %INPUT_Age%-year old %SELECT_Sex% with a %SELECT_History%-day history of %INPUT_Diagnose%.

It's associated with %SELECT_Symptoms%.


Here's a few questions.

I figured out how to create selection forms like the above (More --> Macros --> Input Selection Form), but I have a few issues:

1) How do I edit an Input Selection Form once I have created it? I can't seem to find that option anywhere.
Example: I want to edit/change/add variables to "SELECT_Symptoms".

1A) Further, the direct fdb file itself has a lot of special characters, so I can't just edit the selection form contents directly using Notepad++ and the like without fear of wrecking something. Is there a recommended viewer/editor for fdb files, or is it just better to leave it alone?

2) Where is it getting "%INSERT_sig% from? How do I save a sig or other text string as a variable for other text expander scripts to pull?

I see there's the "Signature" in Auto Complete, but I can't determine where this is being translated to "sig" for "INSERT_sig"? (and why it's not "INSERT_Signature" instead)

3) I'd like to post an RFE: Please allow the "Save" button to be clicked without minimizing the FastKeys app. Often when I am creating text expanders, I want to test them out. Hitting "Save" to get them ready, FastKeys app window minimizes/closes itself, and I have to dig it out of the Tray Icon and reopen it again.
I don't see a Preference option like "Don't Minimize/Close FastKeys when hitting Save button"; that would help.

That's a start for now. Very much looking to work deeper with this application.


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Re: Need help understanding/creating Selection Forms

PostPosted by Marko » Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:56 pm

Hi and welcome to FastKeys.

1) double-click a variable name (coloured red) to edit the settings. It is not a good idea to edit fdb file directly in text editor.
2) INSERT variables are coming from Insert Another Command macro (you can double-click to edit). Also check Tools/User Variables to set text which can be used in multiple commands.
3) You can enable the Apply button under Preferences/General.

Please let me know if you have any other question. :D

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Re: Need help understanding/creating Selection Forms

PostPosted by zigguratbuilder » Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:09 am

Hi Marko:

1) Oh man I can't believe I missed that. I clicked, highlighted, etc... for some reason I never thought to double-click. :D Thanks!

2) Thanks for the explanation. I'll follow up on that.

3) Ah, indeed I found that option a few hours after I posted the question, and made the Apply button enabled.

That answered all my questions and concerns. Thanks again!

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