Diagnostics window?

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Diagnostics window?

PostPosted by lehmakommionu » Wed May 10, 2017 2:52 am

Just an idea. Would it be possible to have a some kind of diagnostic window or log to see what scripts/shortcuts have been executed or are running at the moment? Also could be interesting for the statistics.
I have problems with some of the scripts or commands or something else, and I'm having hard times pinpointing the culprit as I have about few hundred of various scripts/shortcuts etc already set up. I have tried to enable and disable them one by one but with no avail.
So probably just some code gets stuck somewhere which render FastKeys unresponsive. Also sometimes the "do you want wait for the script to end" window pops up. For example FastKeys Reload shortcut stops working but open settings shortcut works just fine. Instead of reload, apply or save fixes the issue, temporarily. And mostly it's modifier keys getting stuck which can create a total chaos in Windows. So just to pinpoint the problematic script/shortcut would be of huge help. Any advice is welcome. Thanks.

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Re: Diagnostics window?

PostPosted by Marko » Thu May 11, 2017 8:48 pm

As FastKeys can run any AutoHotkey script or code, which may contain errors, are not optimized or may conflict each other, this can cause FastKeys to become unresponsive. We will try to improve the error reporting in one of the next releases.

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